Creative Writing

…Once a happy memory, now a history.




I am quiet, on a deep thought thinking of the entries I’ve written on my journal. Of all those entries, i come up reminiscing the most special one. The story which was once my favorite, now the story I wish was never written…

How long has it been? For me, it’s just been a day. The feelings are so fresh and clear as yesterday when you told me how much you like me. I felt so happy as you told me those words. I still recall that time my heart went crazy, the vibrations were flowing through my body.
All these words, i felt from a single person… You.
Every day we shared, you made me feel anxious, at the same time relieved. You made me feel everything i never felt before. All at once. It was truly amazing.

That sweet story was followed by another, day by day. Until the most unexpected story was written on an unexpected time…

I just finished drying myself after being soaked in the rain. I guess you’re expecting something sweet, sweeter than the previous stories, am i right? Well, let me tell you that it’s over. It’s over. No more sweet stories, because this time, it would be different.

It was raining. I felt so happy that he went to my classroom just to pick me up because the rain’s getting heavier. On his arms were umbrella.
He’s so sweet that all I can say is, “Hi.”
“Come on, we have to get home real quick.”
“Um, okay.” It was weird because he’s different from the usual that he’ll kiss me on the cheek, followed by his usual greet.

He was walking me home, we were holding hands when he suddenly stopped and released the umbrella as he did the same to my hands. I don’t know what was wrong so I asked him.
“Go home by yourself.”
I was confused, “Why? Is there any problem?”
He looks irritated, “Look, just go, okay? I don’t-“
“What’s your problem?! Yesterday you were so sweet, and now you’re acting like a jerk!”
Now he’s wearing that evil eye he used to show when he was mad.
“Will you please shut up? I’m on rush, my girl’s waiting for me.”

Girl? Who is he talking about? Wait, it must be some kind of joke. It can’t be, he would never cheat on me. But, but… He did.
Tears started to flow down my face. I’m completely wet because of the rain. If you could imagine me, you’ll think it’s a bit dramatic. It is. My tears were flowing as I watch him run away, his back far and farther away from me. I’m crying and the sky chose to cry with me. I think it’s great because I could hide my tears behind the rain.

This pensive mood casts my mind back to the times i could never forget. The entries on my journal I used to read repeatedly and smile like an idiot. Now the entry made me wish I never written it. I wish I could unwritten all those stories as if they never really happened. The story which was once a happy memory, now a history.