Creative Writing

Stars won’t go dim.


“How many times did you forgive?”
“I don’t know, I’ve lost count.”

I am Stella, an admirer of stars, with stardust in her eyes. Research the origin of my name, and you’ll know (real quick) that I love the fixed luminous points in the night sky called stars. Recently, i had a research about my name and i come up with an interesting fact-‘Stella’ means ‘star’ in Latin.

One day, I had a conversation with my science teacher. She’s my all-time favorite because she admired me for loving stars.

“Why do you love them?”
“I just do.” Honestly, i don’t really know the reason why and when I started having an interest with them. But there’s one thing comparable with stars…
“You can’t just be interested with something without any reason, come on, spit it out!”
“Really, i can’t think of any reason. But I guess there’s something a little comparable with them- forgiveness.

When I was young, I had a huge anger towards my mom because of a certain reason. I used to be a prisoner, captivated by my own anger and pride. It took so much time for me to forgive her. But i’m thankful that time has come and forgiveness came to my heart. I let my grudge down and gained so many things i never thought I could.

Once you let go, you’ll feel so relieved that your mind’s finally cleared. You’ll stop thinking of things and spinning them round and round until you feel bad of yourself. Your mind will have space where happy memories could be placed, replacing the bad ones.

Once you forgive someone, you’ll be able to see things clearly. You’ll finally realize all the things they’ve done for you, and that all of the things you thought were bad are in fact, good for you. You’ll finally be able to tell him/her “Thank You”, instead of “I hate you!”

Anger will make you feel like a prisoner. Caged into evilness and revenge. But once you forgive someone, you’ll realize you’re not doing it for them, but for yourself. You’re forgiving them not to set them free, but to set yourself free from negative perspective you built for yourself.

“How do you say so?” My teacher asked me, I can see through her eyes that she’s confused.
“There are a lot of stars that you’ll lost count once you tried counting them. Just like forgiveness.”
“How many times did you forgive?”
“I don’t know, I’ve lost count.”

See, there are a lot of stars. Look at the vast skies, and you’ll see hundred, thousands of them. Forgive a lot, as many as the stars. And once you forgive, you’ll see the memories on a very bright star, saying “You’re free.” Don’t stop forgiving, as the stars won’t go dim.