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Better than Yesterday (REVIEW)


Author: Robyn Schneider

Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

SynopsisAt the elite Hilliard Preparatory School, the competition is fierce, the gossip is worse, and Blake Dorsey has just arrived back on campus after an unexplained two-year absence.

Skylar Banks has a hunch Blake’s in trouble. Skylar’s the most likely candidate for valedictorian, but she’s no stranger to tricky situations herself. She’s got a reputation for taking her relationships straight from JV to varsity, and that rep is about to catch up with her.

Charley Morton doesn’t have time for Blake’s problems—not if he plans to get into Harvard like his parents expect, or to win over his dream girl (a.k.a. Skylar). But then Blake takes off for New York City, and Charley, Skylar, and her roommate, Marissa, have no choice but to risk their perfect transcripts to find him. It’s a journey that will change the way they see each other— and themselves—forever.


I never heard of this book before, and I never though of reading this book until a friend let me borrowed this for a summer-read. It is really good for a summer read because of its story.

I don’t think this book is about finding Blake, but it’s more of finding themselves. Like how Charley decided to take music (which is his true passion) rather than pre-med (what his parents want him to take.)

It could have been 5/5 if Robyn Schneider just found a way to make the searching (for Blake) more challenging. I just don’t like the way it goes- the three searched for Blake all over and they just found him on a party and then BOOM !! They went back to the Hilliard, with Blake (too easily). I was like ‘That’s it?’ I don’t know, maybe i’m just looking for more. Nevertheless, it’s really nice and entertaining. The narration is very clear. It came to me just in time, when i needed a light-read after reading so much classical works. Better than Yesterday is a light read, yet comes with a deep message.

When i was reading the synopsis, I was like ‘Wait what? Is it a love triangle?’ But as i turn pages, i realized that it’s more than that. I can’t even choose who to ship until now that I already finished the story. Should I go with Skylar x Charley or Skylar x Blake (or maybe Skylar x Kyle?) But i don’t really care, cause’ i like it either way. But let me help you decide which to ship.



Oh. so. cheeeesy!! Like what else could we ask for? They are the true example of the so-called relationship goals. They are both smart and both have a thing when it comes to debate. Can you imagine? A couple arguing on a debate, a couple fighting over the spot of valedictorian. But don’t get me (them) wrong, they don’t think of it as a competition, or whatsoever. At the end, they were labeled the ‘Top Ranked Boy and Girl Students.’ Satisfying, right?


Maybe some of you were thinking ‘Why does she even consider Blake?’ Well, why not? She likes Skylar, a lot. It was really nice of him to just walk away when he saw his friend being with his dream girl (Blake mistakenly thought Charley and Skylar are dating.) He could punch Charley on the face, call Skylar a slut, but NOOO!! He didn’t, because he is a true friend. As long as the two are happy, he’s fine with that. Isn’t that sweet?




If i were to rate the ending, i’d give it a perfect 5 stars. I like it how Robyn Schneider put an end in the story. Especially how Charley and Skylar delivered their speeches through debate. And the CLASS PICTURE!! The coolest and best part ever. I could even imagine it. Charley and Skylar surrounded by their friends. And the sweetest part, Charley’s kissing Skylar, and Skylar wearing a shocked and embarrassed face.

To sum it all, ‘Better Than Yesterday’ is better than I expected. I recommend it to teenagers (like me), any age, whatever. It would make you feel sad that you don’t have a friend like Marissa, an admirer like Blake, a boyfriend like Charley/ a girlfriend like Skylar. Except for those who are lucky enough to have it all. That’s it!

Thank you for reading.



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