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Stars won’t go dim.


“How many times did you forgive?”
“I don’t know, I’ve lost count.”

I am Stella, an admirer of stars, with stardust in her eyes. Research the origin of my name, and you’ll know (real quick) that I love the fixed luminous points in the night sky called stars. Recently, i had a research about my name and i come up with an interesting fact-‘Stella’ means ‘star’ in Latin.

One day, I had a conversation with my science teacher. She’s my all-time favorite because she admired me for loving stars.

“Why do you love them?”
“I just do.” Honestly, i don’t really know the reason why and when I started having an interest with them. But there’s one thing comparable with stars…
“You can’t just be interested with something without any reason, come on, spit it out!”
“Really, i can’t think of any reason. But I guess there’s something a little comparable with them- forgiveness.

When I was young, I had a huge anger towards my mom because of a certain reason. I used to be a prisoner, captivated by my own anger and pride. It took so much time for me to forgive her. But i’m thankful that time has come and forgiveness came to my heart. I let my grudge down and gained so many things i never thought I could.

Once you let go, you’ll feel so relieved that your mind’s finally cleared. You’ll stop thinking of things and spinning them round and round until you feel bad of yourself. Your mind will have space where happy memories could be placed, replacing the bad ones.

Once you forgive someone, you’ll be able to see things clearly. You’ll finally realize all the things they’ve done for you, and that all of the things you thought were bad are in fact, good for you. You’ll finally be able to tell him/her “Thank You”, instead of “I hate you!”

Anger will make you feel like a prisoner. Caged into evilness and revenge. But once you forgive someone, you’ll realize you’re not doing it for them, but for yourself. You’re forgiving them not to set them free, but to set yourself free from negative perspective you built for yourself.

“How do you say so?” My teacher asked me, I can see through her eyes that she’s confused.
“There are a lot of stars that you’ll lost count once you tried counting them. Just like forgiveness.”
“How many times did you forgive?”
“I don’t know, I’ve lost count.”

See, there are a lot of stars. Look at the vast skies, and you’ll see hundred, thousands of them. Forgive a lot, as many as the stars. And once you forgive, you’ll see the memories on a very bright star, saying “You’re free.” Don’t stop forgiving, as the stars won’t go dim.


Book Reviews

A Mess of Reason (REVIEW)

Author: A. Wilding Wells

Rating: ★ 1/5

Synopsis: Scout Steele is the country music star People magazine just voted ‘sexiest bachelor’. More than that, he’s my best friend forever, my bff. OK, not quite my lingo – I’m almost thirty. We’ve shared everything, and then some. Even crossed the line a few times, but not too far. Well, mostly…. He’ll go to the end of the world to make me happy; he knows me inside and out. Except, that is, my most intimate and darkest defect; this he must never know. It would ruin us, and ‘us’ is the only thing that matters. So I’m marrying someone who doesn’t care about the truth or, frankly, even me.” “She’s twisted and sexy as all get out. Brilliant and beautiful, Tess Harlow is my best friend and my forbidden fruit – the woman I’ve always known and loved the best but can never have. Between my tours (and sexy groupies) and her man-juggling, we’ve never found “our time.” I love her to pieces but she’s about to marry the bane of my existence, rocker Creed Luce. He’s a walking cliche and he treats my Tess like hell – why she stays with him I still haven’t figured out. I am always there for her…but not this time. Tess deserves better, way better, my better. The door is half-open and I have my ways. Her best friend is about to become her best lover.


From chapter 1, until the last chapter I was very lazy reading this book, i don’t know why… Maybe because of the sexual words that I can’t even understand. I have read books with contents like that, but this book is different! Imagine a book with lines very sexy and awkward, i mean all of the lines are! It’s depressing, and i feel like i can’t continue this anymore. The first time I saw this book, i thought this would be good for me. But it isn’t, it made me feel bad for reading the book. I expected too much, maybe because of the cover (oops, sorry).


Tess– Oh come on! She’s very irritating. If she would ever come to life, i don’t want too see her, ever! She’s a cry baby, crying over things she did herself, crying over small things. And, sorry to say this but she’s very stupid. She wants to be with Scout but then she’s getting married. Isn’t that stupid? She’s always saying that she wants to be with her bestfriend, but that’s what they’re doing right now. They act like their couples, and when something’s about to happen between them, she’ll start to cry and resist as if she doesn’t want something like that.

Scout- I hate him. Really. Aside from his name (He has the same name with a character from To Kill A Mockingbirdthat i respect so much), i hate him for being such an opportunist, taking advantage of his best friend’s weak character just for him to do whatever he wants from her. He’s the type of guy you would never want to date, the type of guy you would want to kill (am i too harsh? sorry).

They are the best example for the term ‘(Best)Friends with Benefits’. And it made me hate them more!! Ugh, i’m done with this.


Honestly, i really like the plot. At first, I thought it would turn out nice because of the plot which is about bestfriends with feelings toward each other, have no courage to let their feelings touch each other’s hearts. It was a good plot. I like it, really, but you know what i didn’t like? The execution. If the author (A. Wilding Wells) just executed the story better, i’d probably rate it 5/5.

Thanks for reading.

Note: To the readers, this review is only an opinion of mine, don’t be hesitant to read the book just because of my low rating. Try to read it and let me know what you think. To the author, i respect you so much, and i’m so sorry for giving a low rating, but as promised, I gave an honest review. Thank you for giving me the chance to review your book. 


Creative Writing

Vision of Dreams


“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
Langston Hughes

Dreams are something we all have. It is very important, for it is our vision. The vision of what we could be, where we could be, and who we could be in the future.

Only I can see, no one else but me. I can see it now, my own vision of myself. 
I am sitting on a comfortable chair, playing with my pen, thinking what i can write. It’s been happening to me for almost a month, i can’t think of any idea i could write. But it’s normal, it’s happening to most of the writers all over the world. This is the so-called writer’s block.
I’m sick of this condition, unable to produce an original idea, so i went to places beautiful places I’ve never been to. I walked around, took some pictures and finally, I got inspired.
I started to search for my journal on my shoulder bag, which is my favorite. Once i had my journal, I took a deep breath and thought of all the places I’ve been to. It was beautiful, and relieving― closing your eyes and thinking of all the words you could put together and sooner or later, they’ll turn into a beautiful story. It seems magical when the pen meets paper, and produce a beautiful work out of words and ideas.
Fast forward 10 months, my work is finished and published. Finally, I felt the success and result of my hardships. My book was read by so many people all over the world. Plenty of reviews were posted, some readers liked it, some didn’t. But you know what’s good? I’ve learned to accept the negative comments I got because i believe, it made me better.  

This is my vision. Me, thinking of a writing prompt, editing, reading, and improving my own work. This is my vision, me as a writer, me as a proofreader, me as a journalist, and me as an achiever. These are my dreams.

We are all dreamers, some are hoping to get out of touch of the reality, some are dreaming, hoping to achieve. To my fellow dreamers, keep on dreaming but don’t let your dreams be dreams forever. Dream, try your best and reach it.

I am Jamaica, saying… DREAM to ACHIEVE! 

You? What is your vision?




Creative Writing

To those who dare to sing the truth…


To those who dare to sing the truth,
Sing, my fellow youth.
And let the lyrics of truth be spoken
Sing it, all over again.

Until the world believes what’s real
Wait for the wounds of lies heal
Sing your heart within,
Let the change begin.

A poem for my fellow youth who are scared to speak the truth. Sing, and let your voice speak within, for the world is entrusted to us. 

Creative Writing

…Once a happy memory, now a history.




I am quiet, on a deep thought thinking of the entries I’ve written on my journal. Of all those entries, i come up reminiscing the most special one. The story which was once my favorite, now the story I wish was never written…

How long has it been? For me, it’s just been a day. The feelings are so fresh and clear as yesterday when you told me how much you like me. I felt so happy as you told me those words. I still recall that time my heart went crazy, the vibrations were flowing through my body.
All these words, i felt from a single person… You.
Every day we shared, you made me feel anxious, at the same time relieved. You made me feel everything i never felt before. All at once. It was truly amazing.

That sweet story was followed by another, day by day. Until the most unexpected story was written on an unexpected time…

I just finished drying myself after being soaked in the rain. I guess you’re expecting something sweet, sweeter than the previous stories, am i right? Well, let me tell you that it’s over. It’s over. No more sweet stories, because this time, it would be different.

It was raining. I felt so happy that he went to my classroom just to pick me up because the rain’s getting heavier. On his arms were umbrella.
He’s so sweet that all I can say is, “Hi.”
“Come on, we have to get home real quick.”
“Um, okay.” It was weird because he’s different from the usual that he’ll kiss me on the cheek, followed by his usual greet.

He was walking me home, we were holding hands when he suddenly stopped and released the umbrella as he did the same to my hands. I don’t know what was wrong so I asked him.
“Go home by yourself.”
I was confused, “Why? Is there any problem?”
He looks irritated, “Look, just go, okay? I don’t-“
“What’s your problem?! Yesterday you were so sweet, and now you’re acting like a jerk!”
Now he’s wearing that evil eye he used to show when he was mad.
“Will you please shut up? I’m on rush, my girl’s waiting for me.”

Girl? Who is he talking about? Wait, it must be some kind of joke. It can’t be, he would never cheat on me. But, but… He did.
Tears started to flow down my face. I’m completely wet because of the rain. If you could imagine me, you’ll think it’s a bit dramatic. It is. My tears were flowing as I watch him run away, his back far and farther away from me. I’m crying and the sky chose to cry with me. I think it’s great because I could hide my tears behind the rain.

This pensive mood casts my mind back to the times i could never forget. The entries on my journal I used to read repeatedly and smile like an idiot. Now the entry made me wish I never written it. I wish I could unwritten all those stories as if they never really happened. The story which was once a happy memory, now a history.


Creative Writing

Dear Past Me, I’m sorry…


Some people say, Apology is a sign of weakness. We are reluctant to say sorry because we don’t want to admit we were wrong. We tend to view apology as a sign of weak character. But in fact, it requires a great strength for someone to say ‘I’m sorry’. And i believe that i’m strong enough for me to utter these two words to myself.

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Book Reviews

Better than Yesterday (REVIEW)


Author: Robyn Schneider

Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

SynopsisAt the elite Hilliard Preparatory School, the competition is fierce, the gossip is worse, and Blake Dorsey has just arrived back on campus after an unexplained two-year absence.

Skylar Banks has a hunch Blake’s in trouble. Skylar’s the most likely candidate for valedictorian, but she’s no stranger to tricky situations herself. She’s got a reputation for taking her relationships straight from JV to varsity, and that rep is about to catch up with her.

Charley Morton doesn’t have time for Blake’s problems—not if he plans to get into Harvard like his parents expect, or to win over his dream girl (a.k.a. Skylar). But then Blake takes off for New York City, and Charley, Skylar, and her roommate, Marissa, have no choice but to risk their perfect transcripts to find him. It’s a journey that will change the way they see each other— and themselves—forever.


I never heard of this book before, and I never though of reading this book until a friend let me borrowed this for a summer-read. It is really good for a summer read because of its story.

I don’t think this book is about finding Blake, but it’s more of finding themselves. Like how Charley decided to take music (which is his true passion) rather than pre-med (what his parents want him to take.)

It could have been 5/5 if Robyn Schneider just found a way to make the searching (for Blake) more challenging. I just don’t like the way it goes- the three searched for Blake all over and they just found him on a party and then BOOM !! They went back to the Hilliard, with Blake (too easily). I was like ‘That’s it?’ I don’t know, maybe i’m just looking for more. Nevertheless, it’s really nice and entertaining. The narration is very clear. It came to me just in time, when i needed a light-read after reading so much classical works. Better than Yesterday is a light read, yet comes with a deep message.

When i was reading the synopsis, I was like ‘Wait what? Is it a love triangle?’ But as i turn pages, i realized that it’s more than that. I can’t even choose who to ship until now that I already finished the story. Should I go with Skylar x Charley or Skylar x Blake (or maybe Skylar x Kyle?) But i don’t really care, cause’ i like it either way. But let me help you decide which to ship.



Oh. so. cheeeesy!! Like what else could we ask for? They are the true example of the so-called relationship goals. They are both smart and both have a thing when it comes to debate. Can you imagine? A couple arguing on a debate, a couple fighting over the spot of valedictorian. But don’t get me (them) wrong, they don’t think of it as a competition, or whatsoever. At the end, they were labeled the ‘Top Ranked Boy and Girl Students.’ Satisfying, right?


Maybe some of you were thinking ‘Why does she even consider Blake?’ Well, why not? She likes Skylar, a lot. It was really nice of him to just walk away when he saw his friend being with his dream girl (Blake mistakenly thought Charley and Skylar are dating.) He could punch Charley on the face, call Skylar a slut, but NOOO!! He didn’t, because he is a true friend. As long as the two are happy, he’s fine with that. Isn’t that sweet?




If i were to rate the ending, i’d give it a perfect 5 stars. I like it how Robyn Schneider put an end in the story. Especially how Charley and Skylar delivered their speeches through debate. And the CLASS PICTURE!! The coolest and best part ever. I could even imagine it. Charley and Skylar surrounded by their friends. And the sweetest part, Charley’s kissing Skylar, and Skylar wearing a shocked and embarrassed face.

To sum it all, ‘Better Than Yesterday’ is better than I expected. I recommend it to teenagers (like me), any age, whatever. It would make you feel sad that you don’t have a friend like Marissa, an admirer like Blake, a boyfriend like Charley/ a girlfriend like Skylar. Except for those who are lucky enough to have it all. That’s it!

Thank you for reading.